Burned By Her Devotion Review!!

5 Star Rating!!

I love Melinda’s books. They are just what I need when I need to go all full blown suspense mode. I received an ARC copy of Burned by Her Devotion for my honest review.

Seth has a suspect in custody that has confessed to the murder of Chase, Hollywood star. Chase was filming a series in their town. Now that he was murdered, the whole town is in a frenzy with all the outsiders coming in to visit the chaos. A deranged obsessed fan, Cyndee, has now gone off the walls and burned a couple of buildings for revenge of Chase’s death. A man hunt is on it’s way to find Cyndee, while they have her daughter, Alex, in a foster home. Something does not sit right with Seth and he has a feeling the suspect he has in custody is not guilty. So he follows his gut and so much happens with the events that follow you have to read this book to find out more.

Carly, Seth’s wife and social worker, finds herself in trouble Alex ran away and she is trying desperately to get back to her mother. Alex leads everyone on a goose hunt. I want to say more but then I will spoil the whole book. Just know that nothing is ever what it seems and you will see what I mean soon in this story.

Don’t worry for those who are like me and need a little bit of romance in their stories. You will get the back story of what Seth and Carly struggled through within their relationship. And with every struggle they can over come, it will make their love stronger. Soul mates these two are. I highly recommend this book. Full of suspense that has you going all the way until the end! Melinda rocks with her books.


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