An amazing book that has you guessing all the way through. Great Suspense Read!!!

5 Star Rating!!!!

*I received an ARC copy for my honest review*

I loved this Novella! It gave me my “Suspense” fix. Kendra Elliot is an amazing author and I love her books. I was excited that she and Melinda Leigh were co-writers and made the Novella into two books. Five star rating all the way. This book had me guessing and trying to figure out what will happen next. A murder has happened in the small town named Solitude. Stevie is a cop and gets the call. She comes to find out the person that was murdered is a Hollywood star that brings chaos to the town. She and Zane, her fiancΓ©, work onΒ  the case to catch the killer.Β  Stevie still has to finish planning her wedding and things get chaotic, she barely has time to breath.

Zane has lot of work ahead of him. And to top that off, he has some worry that Stevie may be having doubts to say “I Do”. You know that these two love each other. I recommend this Novella. You have so much going on, but the story makes it blend seamlessly. You have a murder to figure out, a psychotic fan with a burning everything down fetish, you have surprises on each page, and of course a little dip of romance. You will enjoy this read, I know I did!

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