I took an extra day off to try and make a dent in my personal TBR list. I got through 3 books and now I want to share my reviews!!! Here we go….

Book One: The Earth Bleeds Red by Jackson Baer

51T4jmCnZcL._SS300_.jpg4 Stars!!

I love a good thriller and need to get lost in one once in awhile since I prefer reading in thee Romance genre. So I needed something different and went with The Earth Bleeds Red. Wow! It was definitely different, but I could not get away from needing to know what happens next. The suspense was there and will hook you in. The drama and pain this family goes through had me on the edge with the angst. I did not expect to get engrossed in this story. This is my first book written by Jackson Baer. I will be talking about this book when my other book friends need a good suspense book to read.

Book Two: Dating Daisy by Daisy Mae


3.5 Stars!!

I read the blurb for Dating Daisy and needed to jump right into this book! Dating in general is like a new puzzle you have to piece. Now add that with the world of online dating for a mid 50’s woman in this day and age, and you just don’t know what you are going to get.

I truly enjoyed reading Dating Daisy! There were moments that were quirky and humorous. I love how Daisy was willing to try to get herself out there. She did not give up after her marriage ended. She is a woman on a mission and I truly loved her personality! This book was a fun and great read for me.

Book Three: Exploding Love by Amanda Siegrist


4 Stars!!!!


I am always amazed by Amanda’s writing with her flash stories. I truly enjoyed reading Exploding Love and the suspense that comes with it!

Isabella and her psychic abilities kept my attention. The way she interprets the danger that is coming and having to seek out Bo, was intense and kept my attention. Through and through I was hooked on Amanda’s words. I don’t read much books in the paranormal romance because normally I can not stay along with the story. But for Amanda’s stories, I am always willing to read her stories and happy to report she does not disappoint! If you need a quick suspense read, Exploding Love is IT!

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