Blog Review | I went to the unfamiliar! I am not sorry. I loved The Cold Room even though I still shiver :)

25454355._SX540_ 4 Stars!!

I am still with the shivers here! I am not a huge paranormal fan. In fact I stay away from them because some are just so ridiculous that I can never stay with the story. What Jason LaVelle does is amazing! After the first chapter I was hooked! Yes as a Romance reader, I will venture out to other genres as long as it holds my interest. The Cold Room did that and then some!

The characters will hold your attention. The story line has all the chills and thrills. The Cold Room gave me my fix I needed to get out of my reading rut. I have a new favorite book to add to my list this year!


About the Book: 


Something dark and dangerous resides in Karen’s new home, and it wants her gone.
Fate brought Karen and Joel together, and they seem like a perfect fit. They settle into a happy relationship, but when an unexpected event forces Karen to move in with Joel, everything takes a dark turn.

They’re not the only ones inhabiting his house. An unknown evil lurks within, and it’s determined to rid itself of the troublesome new roommate.

Stalked through the night by an ancient assailant, Karen must shift her focus. It’s no longer enough simply to unravel the house’s mysteries. Now, she must worry about making it out alive.

Inspired by chilling real events, “The Cold Room” might cause you to rethink those strange sounds in your own home… and to sleep with the lights on.
Evolved Publishing presents the second book in the “A Dark Night Thriller” series. This supernatural thriller/horror novel will keep you at the edge of your seat in suspense. [DRM-Free]
“I was pretty blown away by this story. It was full of twists and turns that I never saw coming. Plus, it had a steamy, romantic side infused into the pages which made me cheer the main couple on. Karen and Joel seemed like the average couple who fell in love because they lived in the same area around a Lake in Michigan. In the dead of winter, these two’s passion becomes entangled with something insidious lurking in Joel’s house. Karen tries to uncover the mystery, and ends up neck deep in a mystery that spans lifetimes where a cold blooded killer with brilliant green eyes become set on her demise. Scary, right?” ~ Voracious Reviews
Whispers in the Shadows (A Dark Night Thriller – 1)
The Cold Room (A Dark Night Thriller – 2)
The Dark of Night (A Dark Night Thriller – 3) [November 2018]
Pathosis (Dying World Chronicles – 1)
Ecocide (Dying World Chronicles – 2)
The “Zoë Delante Thrillers” Series by C.L. Roberts-Huth
“The Oz Files” Series by Barry Metcalf
“Forgive Me, Alex” by Lane Diamond
“Enfold Me” by Steven Greenber

Book Links: 

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