LIVE NOW!!!! Seven by Jane Blythe was addicting the moment I started the book! Blog Review below!

blog review

5 stars!

Oh man….I still get the shivers remembering when I started Jane’s Count to Ten series and read One. I was engrossed in the story and I thought that one day these characters will have their HEA. Well folks, we are with Seven and at first my thought was….dang these folks will never get a break! 

Here’s the deal. This series would not work if it was all hearts and flowers. You need the angst and drama. That is why I am addicted to this story. Yes we get to read about previous favorite characters. I love reading about Mark and Daisy. I first felt betrayal, then confusion, and finally understanding. The events that happen through out the book left me speechless. There are some scenes that were hard to read through. But having an open mind, you see where it is headed. 

Jane knows how to give you a thriller. I am a forever fan. Her stories can get you out of any reading slump! I am excited and a bit nervous to read Eight. I have no clue what to expect as we go back to Sophia. I can only hold on to the hope that these characters will one day find some peace. MUST READ for a thriller read!

Keep her mouth shut and let a killer get revenge or risk the
truth about her coming out?

Daisy Xander has spent her entire life trying to hide who she really is and
where she’s come from. But no matter how many measures she has taken and how
many sacrifices she has made the truth is about to come out and she’s already
chosen how she’s going to deal with it—she’s going to let herself get

For Mark Xander life keeps getting worse and worse. Left to raise his four kids
alone, then his youngest son comes face to face with a killer, and his
estranged wife seems to have a relationship with the victim. Daisy won’t tell
anyone what’s going on and when more victims keep falling it soon becomes
clear, Daisy is either involved or she’s on the killer’s list.

** Warning: Graphic violence and themes of sexual assault/abuse **



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Author Bio
Jane has loved reading and writing since she can remember.
She writes dark and disturbing crime/mystery/suspense with some romance thrown
in because, well, who doesn’t love romance?! She has several series including
the complete Detective Parker Bell series, the Count to Ten series, the
Christmas Romantic Suspense series, and the Flashes of Fate series of
When she’s not writing Jane loves to read, bake, go to the beach, ski, horse
ride, and watch Disney movies. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, a 200+
collection of teddy bears, and her favorite color is pink. She has the world’s
two most sweet and pretty Dalmatians, Ivory and Pearl. Oh, and she also enjoys
spending time with family and friends!
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