To start my weekend right, I read an amazing duet! Dakota Willink gives you all the feels and stolen moments you crave! A double blog review below!


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One summer. One touch…

Cadence Riley didn’t have time for boys – no matter how potent their smiles were. School and working at Camp Riley were her only priorities. She knew better than to fall for 42732160someone like Fitz Quinn, the spoiled bad boy son of a wealthy politician. But the second he spoke to her, she knew she was in over her head. He was a gorgeous trouble maker with a cocky attitude. Her heart warned her, but she didn’t listen. There was something protective and good beneath the bad boy exterior that made her insides flutter. Before she knew it, she fell hard and fast.

Fitz wasn’t prepared to meet a girl like Cadence. She was shy and innocent – and nothing like the girls who usually flocked his doorstep. How could he resist her mile-long blond hair and emerald eyes? He knew he shouldn’t want her. His father already had other plans for him and a relationship with her could never go beyond the summer. He thought their stolen kisses by the lake were only supposed to be a summer fling. Falling for her shouldn’t have happened. But it did.

Now the clock is counting down until Fitz has to return to the life that awaits him in Washington D.C. As September draws closer, how will they survive the end of everything they’ve come to love?

*Cadence Untouched is the first book in the Cadence duet. Cadence Defined will release on Februrary 26, 2019!

blog review

5 stars!!

Beautifully Written!

Cadence Untouched was an amazing start for Cadence and Fitz’s story! I do have to say it ended and I was heart broken for these two. There was so much going on and when the end came, they both went on with their lives. What am I blabbering about? So many firsts with these two. I wanted a HEA..but that will be seen in the second book. 

Cadence Untouched with give you the butterflies! You get to experience first love all over again and will be grinning from ear to ear. I really loved the characters and you will be in for surprise in the end. I was left with wanting and needing more. This book will capture your attention and will have you finish the book in one setting. A great start to an amazing duet!

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*Narrated by Lacy Laurel & Zachary Webber!


Available February 6th! Cadence Defined!


One love. One destiny. But it only takes one person to bring the house of cards tumbling down.43257154.jpg

Seventeen years ago, Fitz Quinn stole the heart of Cadence Riley. He took her innocence and then left her broken. When a twist of fate brings them back together again, she quickly learns that even time couldn’t dim their chemistry. Fitz was sexier than ever – successful and provocative. He became the man she always knew he would be. The heat between them quickly became unbearable. Despite the promise she made to herself, she found the walls to her heart start to crumble and began to fall all over again.

But things aren’t the same as they once were. Cadence is the driving force behind a non-profit organization that helps Dreamers, where she handles each case with the determination of a shark. Fitz is known as Washington’s fixer. He is the CEO for a public relations firm – one that represents the politicians who fight against everything Cadence stands for. What do they say about opposites attract?

Finding themselves at a crossroads, Fitz needs to decide if going against his father is worth pursuing a second chance with Cadence. One wrong move and his reputation could be obliterated. For Cadence, she needs to forgive Fitz for leaving her alone all those years ago. But more importantly, she needs to decide if sacrificing her values is worth being with the only man she has ever loved.


blog review

5 Stars!!

What a beautiful story for Cadence and Fitz! I have been on their side from the get go. With so many years that have past, the love and chemistry was just as strong as it was day one. There are a few changes that will be added to the mix. But everything is not all hearts and flowers. We have more drama and secrets to uncover. Cadence Defined is a book that will keep you on your toes!

I love Kallie and Austin – the new additions to the story. Towards the end, my jaw was on the floor with so much going on! I could not get enough of this book and sad that it ended as a duet. I do feel that the story is complete, but I fell for these characters and didn’t want their story to end. This book will keep me thinking about it for days!! The heat factor was never lost and added the spice that the story needed!

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about the author

Dakota Willink is an International Bestselling Author who loves writing about alpha 14808492.jpgmales who fall in love with sassy and independent females. She is a member of Romance Writers of America and a two-time Readers’ Favorite International Book Awards winner.

Dakota’s love affair with reading and writing began when she was in the sixth grade. Competitive by nature, she was determined to win a reading contest and blitzed through every Sweet Valley High book she could get her hands on. As a result, she discovered her love for words. Since then, she dreamed of one day writing her own book, but put her aspirations on hold to focus on family and a career that would pay the bills. However, her heart continued to be with fictional characters – whether they belonged to a favorite author or if they were just stories that she made up in her own head. 

In 2013, Dakota gathered enough courage to turn her dreams into a reality. In between playing chauffeur to two very busy teenagers and working her job during the day, Dakota began to put words on paper. By 2014, she gave up the security of a steady paycheck and began working on her first novel full-time.

Dakota often says she survived her first publishing with coffee and wine. She’s an unabashed Star Wars fanatic and still dreams of one day getting her letter from Hogwarts. She enjoys spending time with her super-supportive husband and two witty teenagers, her two Labrador Retrievers, and her spoiled rotten cat. During the summer months, she can often be found soaking up the sun on the Great Lakes with her family.

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