Fixing Him blog review! Holy hotness was this book addicting! One-minute I am one-clicking and the next I cannot step away from this story!

5 Star Review!

Fixing Him had me at first page! This gem had me literally staying up late because I just had to see how it would all end. I love Montana. She is a hoot! She is fun and outrageous at times. She does not have a filter which brings out her beauty inside and out. That also twists up Sam too! Our lovable and adorable Sam. Our hero takes on the world and before he knew it, Montana came crashing into his life like a tornado. 

The banter and undying attraction these two have make sparks fly! I love all the woman in this story as they are fierce, strong, and know how to have a girls night in! I want to be a part of that clan too!

Will Sam allow Montana hold some of his burden? Will he finally see that age is nothing but a number? I loved the chemistry these two had and at the same time I was yelling at Sam to open his eyes. It’s funny how you may not go out looking for love, but love will still find you. I loved everything this book had to offer and have a new series I am addicted to! 

Teaser (1).png

Blurb (1)

One summer. 

Three months. 

Ninety days spent learning every inch of Sam Matthews’ body. 
We agreed to no strings when our time was up. 
We promised we could both handle this. 
I lied. 

I never expected to fall for this man or this town. 
This was just supposed to be a stop on the way to starting my real life. 
But now, time is up and everything feels wrong. 

He says I’m too young. 

He says I’m too innocent. 

He says he’s not the type to settle down. 

He’s fixing my newly inherited home. 

Now, I’m fixing his frame of mind. 

***A Stand-Alone Romance***

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