Blog Review & Release Blitz | His Demand by Lisa Renee Jones is available now everywhere!!

blog review

5 Stars!!! **Your kindle will melt!**

Oh please give me more! His Demand gives you the thrills and chills! A lot of chemistry that is so hot your kindle is about to combust! Gabe is a new favorite hero by LRJ and I love every dirty detail about him! Abbie is the perfect heroine. She is strong willed and will make sure no-one will ever control her again.. well outside the bedroom 😉

His Demand is the perfect mixture of suspense and romance. A great read for the Valentine season. His Demand will have you yelling, Yes Sir! I love how previous characters that we met in the Dirty series come in and make your heart pound hard! I am jumping in my seat with the anticipation for book two!



Gabe Maxwell is a powerhouse in the boardroom, a man with a dark past he’s buried underasdade.jpg success and power. He’s not a white picket fence and forever kind of guy and he’s definitely not into redheads. That is until one corners him, kisses him and thanks him for waking her up. Right before she walks away and leaves him. She’s gone and he’s obsessed.

Then she walks into his office and back into his life, and he has to have her. It doesn’t matter that she’s the kind of woman you marry. It doesn’t matter that she’s everything he avoids because she’s everything he wants.

Only Abbie isn’t the good girl she seems. She has secrets and a past and soon, she’ll pull Gabe into her bed, her life, and that spells more than obsession. It spells danger.

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