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 4 Star Review: 

This weekend I finally had some time to pluck a book off my TBR list. The Reluctant Princess was a great story about finding love when neither of the characters were looking for it. Brendan had me swooning as a single dad that does everything he can for his daughter. Zara was an amazing independent heroine! She rocked the Princess character. 

The Reluctant Princess was a sweet and savvy story. Plus add the heat factor and you have one sweet sensual story! I would love to visit “Charm City”.


About the Book:

Nothing’s more important to twenty-five-year-old goth girl Zara Kissette than making her bones in the art world. When a fire destroys her paintings, she needs two things to fulfill the art gallery’s contract for multiple masterpieces—a quick hit of cash for supplies, and a way to rekindle her creativity. Otherwise, she can kiss her career-making gallery spot good-bye. So she reluctantly returns to a lucrative gig as a fantasy princess/face painter, where she meets a hot, divorced dad who could bring a spark to her life…or ruin everything. 42264361.jpg

Brendan Stewart is doing all he can to keep the world a soft and stable place for his beloved little girl. While his ex breezes in and out of their daughter’s life, he’s determined be her rock. The last thing he needs is another relationship to balance with the rest of his life. That is, until a gorgeous princess shows up to paint faces at his daughter’s birthday party. Zara’s open heart and distracting curves tempt him to lower his defenses, despite having been burned before. 

Their romance is all cake and bubbles—and lots of steamy sex—until Zara betrays Brendan’s trust for her shot at the gallery, and Brendan takes her career into his hands and, well, screws it up. If they can’t make peace with each other’s mistakes, they risk losing the one person who loves them for who they truly are.

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