Hi Book Friends!!! *Waving*

So a lot is happening in my life!  This last weekend I went through so many emotions, that my family may have thought I was having a psychotic break down.  Don’t worry, I didn’t…I am well and blogging away!

What changes are happening?? 

First Time Home Buyers Drama

For starters…We are in the process of buying our first home. I am in the final stages of 240_F_102578319_ExQzY54x0QpJ5FIGzqQxMNNWfouCxGI2the approval from the lender. I got the pre-approval this weekend and I was crying and laughing at the same time <– Reason my family thought I had lost it lol… I spoke with the lender yesterday and was told I was approved officially, but they need to have my application reviewed one last time to make sure we are not missing anything. Talk about my nerves being shot! So I am awaiting one more phone call today and I am praying we get the final YES!!! So I need all the positive vibes sent my way!! 

Back to School

Yes you heard that right!  I started school today. Yay!!!!  I am terrified and excited at the 240_F_215929555_wrjUBPhjlTkB4lKU2WIBnu4RNVkjnxUasame time.  I have been out of school for 10 years.  I am 36 years old and I want to show my two boys that no matter what comes our way, we can finish what we started. School is important and in order for me to show my boys how important an education is, I need to practice what I preach. So in 2.5 years I will have my BS in IT!!! Wish me luck! 

What Does This Mean for My Blog

My blogging load my get lighter. This only means with signing up with Authors/PR Companies.  Which means, (As Shalini has pointed out lol.. Love ya girl) the heat factor has gone down a bit the last couple of weeks. But with less deadlines, I can make my blog a bit more personal! I would love to do random post of my favorite HOT STOCK Photos! If I see a book cover along the way, I will be talking lots about that! Less reviews will happen as I need time for study. That makes it easier to keep my interactions personal as well!  So you will see more personal expressions and ideas. Hmm…Maybe a change of name too…Crystal’s Book World and Musings???? I got to play with that lol.  Thank you friends for being patient with me while I try to figure out life, but staying active with this amazing book community!  Check out below for this last weeks readings I was able to get through and review!  

Xo, Crystal

Books I Loved>>>>5 Star Reads


Slay by Laurelin Paige

5 Slayed Stars!!

Jaw dropping, heart stopping, and the WTF moments!!! Laurelin is the new queen for cliff hangers! I NEED MORE!!!! 40611401

Now that I got that off my chest, I was stunned into silence after I finished reading Slay. I needed a couple of days to decompress and I am not sure if I am better yet. Being in Celia’s head is a bit frightening, but refreshing. You start to understand the layers she has and the reason she ticks. Until Edward comes in and makes her want more. To feel. Be free. 

I am having a real hard time liking our hero. There is no insta lust with him for me. He is pure alpha hole. But I am sure we have not started to unpeel his layers yet. Oh no. Laurelin is going to make us wait. Okay I have to admit, there are naughty things Edward does that will have your heart rate increase and blushing. I know there has to be more!

Slay has me in a tizzy. I have warmed to Celia and I need to see what awaits these two. I wish I can say more and talk it through. But I can say this…You will be on the edge from page one. The chemistry will have you begging for more, but it gets yanked away. You will love to hate these characters. You will be confused with the emotions that flow through you because you have no idea what will happen next. The dominate scenes will have you breathing hard! You will be shattered at the end because you have no clue what book two will bring. I freaking love it all!

***Slay is Available Now***


The Two Week Arrangement by Kendall Ryan

5 Stars!

40058807.jpgThe Two Week Arrangement had me from page one! I love when I can dig into a book and get so lost that I have no idea what has hit me by the time I have read the story. The ending has me in a tizzy! I did not expect Presley to turn to the one person that could ruin it all for her. 

Let me back up for a moment. As you can tell I am still reeling about the cliffy in this book. Dominic is an un-perfect hero of our story. Which is perfect in my eyes. He has his flaws and quirks. He also holds two major secrets. As soon as Presley is in the picture, all bets are off. I loved these characters. I adored Presley and her mind. She dazzled me as she would with anyone. 

The Two Week Arrangement was a perfect story until it was not. We cannot all live in a bubble of blitz. Something has to go wrong, right? Right! You will be floating on cloud nine with these two until the very end! I am cannot wait for the next book and see how it will all play out!

***The Two Week Arrangement is Available Now***


Pretty Scars by CD Reiss

5 Pretty Stars!

My emotions were all over the place with Pretty Scars. Carrie and Gabriel’s story was one45297947 that was forbidden as Carrie’s world is dictated by her father. I knew in an instant that as soon as Carrie broke away to be free with Gabriel, that all hell would break loose. You will be in for a surprise.

What Carrie had to endure “After Gabriel” was heartbreaking. I could not stop the tears when she was treated so badly by none the less her husband. You can literally feel the chains that hold her prisoner. 

The husband… the father.. powerful yet pure evil.

The truth of this story is breaking free from the chains. Never make a deal with the devil because your soul will never be free. The ending of Pretty Scars was pretty rough. I cried so hard and my heart broke over and over. Pretty Scars is powerful and breathtaking. You do not want to miss out on CD Reiss newest book, Pretty Scars!

***Pretty Scars will be Available 6/06/19***


Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey 

5 Fixing Stars!

40404720As I was browsing to see what book I should read next, I stopped o Tessa Bailey’s upcoming book, Fix Her Up. I loved this cover. I am digging on the “cute” and “animated” covers that are coming into the Romance genre lately. Then I read the title and blurb.. Fix Her Up sounded fun and yummy!

As I dug into the story, I realized that it was coming out differently than what I anticipated. I adored Georgie. I didn’t realize how much passion she could have with the line of work she is in. Then when she open a can of whoop on Travis, I was laughing hard. Her personality shined through the whole book. She brought me to a happy place!

Travis is reserved and mysterious. You know he is self loathing, but one he truly see Georgie, his passion gets intense. I got addicted to him as well. 

I loved this story and a new fan of Tess Bailey. I am invested with these characters and cannot wait for Rosie’s and Dom’s story next!

***Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey is Available 6/11/19***

9 thoughts on “Hi Book Friends!!! *Waving*”

  1. Woohoo… I would love to join you at the back to school and learn how to do accounts or something else. Loved that you are taking it all on.
    School comes first so don’t worry about the heat factor. It will come back.
    Good luck on getting your home. Don’t worry, you will be approved. 😘❤️ And thank you for the shoutout… 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, easily, you Gabe birth to 2 boys. You are a mother and a woman. Strength is inbuilt in you… So fear not, just keep taking one step after the other and the 2.5 years would be done on a jiffy in your new home

        Liked by 1 person

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