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I sat down over the last weekend and finally came to the end of the book last night. With a lot of craziness happening with my personal life (good craziness) I was afraid that I would not be able to read Ten in time before the release. I finally stopped everything and relaxed with my kindle. It took me a few days to get through this book. I love Jane’s characters dearly and have been following them since One. I had so many tears and fears with Ten. I was afraid to let these beloved characters go.

Now that the sappy emotional side of me has let that all out, I want to commend Jane with her work for the Count to ten Series. She is one of the very few authors that I will read that not only gives you the suspense, but the dark side as well. She does not hold back. I am glued to her books in a heart beat and all I can do is gasp, cry, sigh, and smile all in the same setting. I felt like I was watching a movie. I wanted to close my eyes because I was afraid to find out what happens next.

We get to the end of the story and I am jumpy by that time. So much emotions have run its course through me, I was scared of what the end will bring. Jane nails it! I couldn’t be happier how the series end. I am sad that One through Ten has concluded, but happy that I got to go on this journey and meet an amazing author virtually with social media and email. I am a forever fan and cannot wait for Jane’s new stories!

Title: Ten
Series: Count to Ten #10
Author: Jane Blythe
Genre: Romantic Suspense/Thriller
Release Date: August 1, 2019


They say time heals all wounds.Tessa Micah is snatched from her bed in the middle of the night. She manages to
make a phone call to her best friend, the partner of her deceased police
officer husband, before she disappears. Tessa has a complicated past and as the
widow of a decorated cop, there are a long list of suspects. Retired detective,
Skylar Wyatt, is determined to find her and honor the promise he made to his
partner; to protect and care for his wife should anything ever happen to him.Then people connected to Tessa start getting murdered. The cops don’t know who
from her past is targeting her, or if it has something to do with her dead
husband’s cases. With time running out, and more bodies falling, vocations will
be questioned, futures reassessed, and not everyone will survive.


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Author Bio
Jane has loved reading and writing since she can remember.
She writes dark and disturbing crime/mystery/suspense with some romance thrown
in because, well, who doesn’t love romance?! She has several series including
the complete Detective Parker Bell series, the Count to Ten series, the
Christmas Romantic Suspense series, and the Flashes of Fate series of
When she’s not writing Jane loves to read, bake, go to the beach, ski, horse
ride, and watch Disney movies. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, a 200+
collection of teddy bears, and her favorite color is pink. She has the world’s
two most sweet and pretty Dalmatians, Ivory and Pearl. Oh, and she also enjoys
spending time with family and friends!
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