Desperate to Touch, the highly anticipated follow up to Hard to Love by USA Today Bestselling Author Willow Winters is now LIVE!!!!

“Desperate to Touch is intense and suspenseful, incredibly emotional, SUPERBLY WRITTEN, and the push and pull is euphoric. This second book is everything.” – Jessica, Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads

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Desperate to Touch is book 2 in a series. Hard to Love must be read first.

Start reading Hard to Love today!

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I ran from him, even though my heart knew better.

Love was one thing, but survival another.


He chose a life of crime. I never wanted any of it; I only wanted him. I left when the danger bled into my life, taking more than I was willing to sacrifice.

I should have known he’d come for me. Men like him always get what they want.

The temptation in his eyes, the heat of his touch . . . it’s all still there, but his gaze is harsher now and his grasp unrelenting.

He’s not the boy I fell in love with, although pieces of what we once had are still there. I can feel it.

I know what he wants from me, and I know it comes with a steep price. I’ll pay it though, if for no other reason than to touch him again. Just once more.

I’ll close my eyes and forget about the risks that come with this life and with him. I only hope he doesn’t do the same.


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