Top 15 Favorite Romance Books for 2019!!!!

2019 Reflection…

As we close 2019, a lot of us reflect on this last year and what we had accomplished so far. This year was the year of beautiful changes for me and my family.  This summer I told you all I was enrolled back into college! We then went on and bought our first home!!! We moved in this summer and I still wake up in awe and grateful.

A bit after, I was promoted to the IT department for our company as as Business Analyst. That came with an amazing raise and I knew we could make it with the new mortgage. I had to slow down this year with my blog and interaction just because I had to adjust to the new  changes and spend time with my family. But I still read! According to Goodreads, I read 258 books in 2019!! I would love to share my top 15 romance books that made my 2019 list!!! If you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber like me, you will find a lot books I recommend in KU. Happy Reading and Happy New Year!!!


Top 15 Favorite Romance Novels:

Covet by Ella James: This cover was just too hot for Amazon! But it had me fanning 25867615._SY475_myself and looking at it over and over!!! Ella made her readers wait for this story, but she surely did not disappoint!!!

Review preview: 5 Stars –  Ella James broke me down into pieces with Covet. Then very slowly did the pieces come back together. I was holding my breath page by page. I could barely grasp what was happening in the moment and expect what would come next. I was mesmerized with the characters and their feelings slowly became my feelings.

Goodreads Full Review: Covet

Get your copy here –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Hold On To Hope by A.L. Jackson: This story left me a little broken and I had to take a break from reading just to  compose myself again and allow the emotions I was feeling to finally subside. 44231425

Review preview: 5 StarsHold on to Hope has left me speechless. After I was done reading this beautiful and heart wrenching story, I literally needed a moment to myself. No interruptions, I just needed time to process every emotion I had going through me. I love A.L. Jackson books, but Hold on to Hope has risen to my number one! The words get caught in your throat and you mind becomes emotionally invested.

Goodreads Full Review: Hold On To Hope

Get your copy here –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


That Forever Girl (Getting Lucky Series, Book #2) by Meghan Quinn: When I first started to read Meghan Quinn books, I was always just torn into two. I fall for every44292581._SY475_.jpg single character she makes. They become a part of you as a reader and you will always feel what Meghan wants you to feel.  That Forever Girl was no exception and I still keep it near and dear to my book heart!

Review preview: 5 StarsThe fall back, the tears, and the heart ache. All left in the past, right? What happens when you get caught up and the past blends in with the future. Rogan and Harper had me crying and then smiling. They become my happy place!

Goodreads Full Review: That Forever Girl

Get your copy here –>  Amazon US (Free on KU)


Imperfect Match by Melanie Harlow and Corrine Michaels: Our main characters, Reid44445056._SY475_.jpg and Willow, had me falling hard for them. I was so excited that my two favorite authors were co-writing and I knew this would be a hit! I still remember the emotions I had when reading this story early 2019. It leaves an ever lasting impression and will become a story you have to read over and over again!

Review preview: 5 StarsWhat can I say about Imperfect Match? That it was perfect and the story I needed! I felt the chemistry from the start with Reid and Willow. Then I got to the middle of the story and was not sure the outcome. 

Goodreads Full Review: Imperfect Match

Get your copy here –> Amazon US


Interception & Intermission by Lisa Suzanne (Love Triangle Duet): I really do not like 46734719._SY475_reading about love triangles. I have been a fan of Lisa Suzanne and thought I would try it again. Holy Smokes! She had my stomach twisted in knots! My heart rate would not come down! I loved this story and the thrill it gave me!

Review preview – Interception: 5 Stars Lisa Suzanne can get me so 46734728._SY475_wrapped in her stories that I will set my preferences aside. She adds so much emotion and heart that you feel just as conflicted as her characters do. It’s frustrating and yet thrilling. My heart beats so fast and the adrenaline of who the heroine will pick has me on pins and needles.

Review preview – Intermission: 5 StarsIntermission is the next breath that you will take after reading Interception (book one). You finally let the tension go until the build up comes all over again! Lisa will have you on your toes until the very end. 

Goodreads Full Reviews: Interception and Intermission

Get your copy of Interception –> Amazon US (Free on KU)

Get your copy of Intermission –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Butterfly in Frost by Sylvia Day: If you like a slow burn, this is it! This story is so different45318125._SX318_.jpg that Sylvia’s Crossfire series, I was not sure if I was going to like it at the beginning of the book. I had to remind myself that this is an author that has been a favorite of mine for years. I took my Crossfire goggles off and the story flew from there!

Preview Review: 5 StarsBlown Away!!!!! I have so many mixed emotions and thoughts about Butterfly in Frost that I struggled with how I wanted to rate this review. At first it was going to be a three because I was a mess after the ending. But with that said, I felt like I went through the ringer with the story and the characters. That was the decision factor for a five star rating. If I feel passionate afterwards, its a win at the end.

Goodreads Full Review: Butterfly in Frost

Get your copy here –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Just Ten Seconds by Jeanette Colette:  This story made me cry like a mad woman! I had46155300._SY475_ to have my box of Kleenex nearby for sure. The heart of this story still gives me goosebumps. I was lost in this world and can relive it to this day. The message behind the story is loud and clear. You will not be adulting when you are lost in this book.

Review Preview: 5 Stars – “Just Ten Seconds…” That’s all it took for me to fall for this story! Okay, I have to say it again, Jeannine Colette puts magic into her words. Mara and Dean were perfectly un-perfect for each other. There are many highs and many lows. My anxiety went through the roof while my heart was cracking for these characters. I can not choose a favorite part because I loved it all! #MUSTREADMATERIAL

Goodreads Full Review: Just Ten Seconds

Get your copy here –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Rivalry & Ruin (Slay Quartet) by Laurelin Paige: Laurelin has only published the first 40611401._SY475_two books in a quartet series. I can not wait for the final two. If you are a Laurelin Paige fan, you are very aware who Hudson is. Well, Cecilia was his childhood/teenage friend. These two got in a lot of trouble. Now it’s Cecilia time to get her story heard. She meets the devil himself, Edward Fasbender. These two books slayed me!!!

46011971._SY475_Review preview – Rivalry: 5 Stars Jaw dropping, heart stopping, and the WTF moments!!! Laurelin is the new queen for cliff hangers! I NEED MORE!!!! Now that I got that off my chest, I was stunned into silence after I finished reading Slay. I needed a couple of days to decompress and I am not sure if I am better yet. Being in Celia’s head is a bit frightening, but refreshing

Review preview – Ruin: 5 StarsRuin by Laurelin Paige was a slow burn for me. I wanted to know all the why’s and what’s right away. But Laurelin will draw the story line out. Just how Edward captivates Celia, keeping the anticipation at an all time high! I flipping loved it all!

Goodreads Full Review: Rivalry & Ruin

Get Rivalry here –> Amazon US

Get Ruin here –> Amazon US


Leave Me Breathless by Jodi Ellen Malpas: JEM is a go to author for me. She is the author of This Man series that I have reread at least a dozen of times. Leave Me44220698._SY475_Breathless did not disappoint! I was under the spell of these special characters. This book is a part of The Protector’s world. Another wonderful story by JEM.

Review preview: 5 StarsJodi Ellen Malpas words are magical! Ryan and Hannah show us how to love and move on from the past. They show what kindness is all about and how much love can bring out different emotions. Make you feel like a whole new person when you meet the one. Suddenly the earth’s axis is tilted and you are under a spell. 

Goodreads Full Review: Leave Me Breathless

Get your copy here –> Amazon US


This Is Love (Harmony Pointe, #2) by Melissa Foster: I am like a moth to a flame when 45803003._SY475_you read a story that is full of love and hope. This is Love is a book you cannot put down! I loved each written word and finished the book in one setting. I truly felt the emotions down to my bones when it came to Remi and Mason.

Review Preview: 5 StarsSuch a beautiful and amazing story that is all heart brought to us by Melissa Foster. This is Love burns through each page as the chemistry between Remi and Mason heat up. I loved these two from the beginning. Remi is a powerful soul, she just has to dig it out and let it shine. Mason is locked in himself for so long, he is unsure he still has a heart.

Goodreads Full Review: This is Love

Get your copy here -> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Reckless with You (Less Than, Book #2) by Carrie Ann Ryan: Every book I have read 43090958._SY475_.jpgby Carrie Ann Ryan leaves a bit of an emotional scar in me. I feel like bits of pieces of me break with her beautiful stories. I was provided a limited advance copy of Reckless with You and I fell in love with it all!! I am all over this series ❤

Review preview: 5 Stars Carrie Ann Ryan stoled my heart with Reckless With You. When I read her books, I have no doubt I will get lost in her world. Amelia became my girl as soon as I started from page one. She is confident, but she’s not. She is self-sured, but not. She is accepting, but not. She is perfectly imperfect. I loved the thoughts running through her head because I could relate to her doubts.

Goodreads Full Review: Reckless with You

Get your copy here –> Amazon US

All of Me (Heart of Stone Book 11) by KM Scott: The Heart of Stone series by KM Scott 49289496._SX318_SY475_got me through some tough times. When the world around me felt so dark. I fell in love with Tristan and Nina’s love story. Then the circle became complete when KM wrote their children’s stories as adults. With All of Me, we get to see a love letter dedicated to his wife from Tristan himself. Fall in love with love all over again with All of Me!

Review preview: 5 StarsAll of Me comes to a full circle. The passion these two have for each other was amazing. K.M. Scott has become one of my all time favorite author. She gave us an amazing series and characters that might have been a little broken, but rose through the flames. True love never dies. This story was beautiful and KM Scott did its justice to bring the series to an end. GET THIS BOOK NOW!!! You need be part of the finale.

Goodreads Full Review: All of Me

Get your copy here –> Amazon US


Savage Hunger (Savage Trilogy #1) by Lisa Renee Jones: This first book to an very 44432589._SY475_intriguing story has me already hooked. Yes this ends in a cliffhanger, but that is expected since I knew ahead that it was part of a trilogy. But boy oh boy, do those cliffy’s leave you hanging and begging for more!!

Review preview: 5 Stars Savage Hunger is heart pounding, exhilarating, and exciting all wrapped in one! My heart is still pounding from the cliff hanger we are left at the end of this story. February cannot come fast enough for me to get my hands on the next book! #MUSTREAD

Goodreads Full Review: Savage Hunger

Get your copy here –> Amazon US


Manhattan (Becker Brothers, #3) by Kandi Steiner: I was in an emotional turmoil reading 48932508._SY475_this story. I love the Becker brothers, by Mikey took my heart and ran with it. It was an emotional read and a frustrating read. When I am fully invested with the main characters, I know this is reread material. I will keep Manhattan near and dear to my heart. 

Review preview: 5 StarsThe emotions are soaring through my veins! Kandi Steiner always delivers the best stories. She will make you heart cry, then burst with joy. I have been following this series. Mikey’s story has exceeded my expectations. I love the beginning, the middle, and the end. There were a few parts that made it hard to breathe. You wanted the main characters to move forward, but they would take three steps back.

Goodreads Full Review: Manhattan

Get your copy here –> Amazon US (Free on KU)


Delight  Me (Stark Ever After Celebration) by J. Kenner: J. Kenner does something 49097682._SY475_.jpgspecial for her Stark fans. She bring in some bonuses, and takes you down memory lane with Niki and Damien. I love Damien Stark and have claimed as my Book Husband many moons ago. To see that Niki and Damien still burn for each other after all these years, makes you feel like you are coming home!

Review preview: 5 StarsJ. Kenner brings you a holiday treat! A gift that will bring you smiles and lots of hot sultry moments between a husband and wife. My book husband is truly the most giving person and I love how through the series he has grown to accept he deserved happiness. Now with his family getting ready for the holidays, he will go that extra mile (or miles) to bring true joy to his wife and darling daughters

Goodreads Full Review: Delight Me

Get your copy here –> Amazon US








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