Hello 2020!!!!


Hello Friends!

How is everyone doing so far in 2020? Well, for me it has not treated me kindly unfortunately. But I am taking the bad in stride and still counting my blessings.  From a few posts back, I mentioned I bought a lovely home. It is an old fashion kind that was updated. I loved it as it reminded me of my Gram’s home when I grew up, but in the city. First thing to go wrong….my heater gives out. Yup right in the middle of winter in New Mexico. But no worries, we have space heaters to keep up cozy and have been cooking up a storm with our oven. We may not get our part until next month as it was on back order 😦 

Last week, we found our back gate was hit by a vehicle. (I bought a corner house) and well…at least the fence is still standing and I have home owners insurance. So I just need to save for my deductible before I make a claim because its a bit high which I did not really pay attention to when I bought my home. I think the excitement of it all had me in a tizzy.  That will  change when its time for renewal. Any how, just needed to vent and feel better now that it is written down…LOL The joys of home ownership. So enough of my woes, we will get through this and look back at it one day and shake our heads. 

Let’s talk about January books!


I have read some good books, but a few had me nail biting or thinking WTF! And some I was left in awe and wished the story did not have to end. Here are three that touched a few of those emotions:

Hale by K. Webster

I wasn’t sure if I was going to talk about this book. But, as a blogger I talk about books and though why not. Here are my thoughts. I read one that a FB group talked 40598649._SY475_about. Let me say I bought it and read because the comments were intriguing. After I bought it, it was …well…hard to say. I could not wrap my head around it. I still have not really officially wrote a review for it because it is banned from a few places. I think this would be one and only time I could read this type of book.

I almost DNF the book, but the hope in me was maybe it was all a dream? Or maybe the characters are just out of their minds psychologically. So I braved it to the end. Let’s say nope…no fantasy no disillusion, it is what it is.  I bought it from her website. Now if you are thinking about reading, I highly suggest to read about the book first – it is a HARD No for a lot of readers. Since I have my blog, I took a chance and will say – This is not my cup of tea. Sometimes we step into the forbidden to take a chance. But for some, well maybe it is what they like. And that is A-Okay. On Goodreads it has 380 reviews with a 4.4 star  rating…Just sayin’ 😉  


Next one I have to talk about is Come Back for Me by Corrine Michaels. I am back in my48415818._SY475_ zone of romance and fell in love with Elle and Connor. Its a second chance romance with a hidden truth.

Clip of my review: 5 Stars – Oh my soul is in pieces with Come Back for Me! Connor is everything I could imagine! I love military men and he has topped my list. When I saw this was my next book to read and it was written by Corrine Michaels, I knew whole heartily that it would start this new year right!



44083747._SY475_Cruel Prince by Ashley Jade – So this was a bit dark and intense. A lot of hurt and trouble for the Covington brothers. They rule Royal Hearts Academy. When a blast from the past comes back home, they try what they can do to run her back out. Especially the hero of the story. He was cruel and relentless. 

Clip of my review: 5 stars – Cruel Prince had me addicted from the very first sentence. Jace has a mind that is on a mission and that is to destroy Dylan. There was so much angst. I could not understand why Jace ticked the way he did. Then it slowly happens. Its like putting a puzzle together piece by piece. It was a high school nightmare. The bullying, the lead cheerleader has what you could only dream of having, the rumors, the lies…. 


Enigma (LSERT Book 3) by Laramie Briscoe is a favorite! I have been reading Laramie’s 48392908._SY475_books for a couple of years and these characters are the kids to her previous MTF series. So to see some beloved characters from the past and meeting new ones, it has been a joy to read. You will always get the sexy and angst in all her books. When you think its all sunshine and flowers, the dark clouds roll in and take you on a ride!!!!

Clip of my review: 5 stars – I have loved these characters since the MTF series. The LSERT team is right up on par. To see our previous MTF work with the LSERT team, just icing on the cake. Karsyn and Tucker’s story had me completely addicted. The K-9, Major, plays a great roll in these two life that I adore.


I love reading and interacting with the book community! Even though it has been a rough start, I am ready to take on 2020 with all the books coming up! What book am I anticipating next? I would have to say book two of Lisa Renee Jones, Savage Burn. I was left with a cliffy from book one, Savage Hunger. 


Releasing Feb 18th!!

You can preorder if you already read book one! https://savagetrilogy.weebly.com/
The second book in the Savage Trilogy… My name is Rick Savage but they call me
“Savage” for a reason. But Savage that I am there is one woman who understands me, who see the man not the beast. I love Candace. I lost Candace. Now my enemies have targeted her and I’m going to save her and win her back, no matter what the cost.

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