Blog Review & Release Blitz: Cracked Sapphire


Crystal’s Book World Review – 5 Stars!!

Jane is bringing us a new series and I am blown away! I have been in awe of her writing before, but Cracked Sapphire had me hooked! The four sisters, an unexpected tragedy, the ones that are suppose to love you unconditionally betrays you, the way of living will never be the same. That sums up some of the story.

Sapphire and Gideon were like vinegar and water on the outside. But as Sapphire’s story unfolds you can see what she does not trust easily. There is a lot going on here, but that’s because at the end they all come back to put the puzzle together. I caught on a bit who the serial killer was, but the doubts that Jane will plant has you back peddling a bit. This story is not for those who have a sensitivity to crimes that stay in the shadows. There are things that happen that can set off triggers. If you are good, that this book is for you. You heart shreds for these characters and you only wish they can some how move on in life and truly be happy.

Title: Cracked Sapphire
Series: Broken Gems #1
Author: Jane Blythe
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: February 3, 2020


Betrayed. Sold. Tortured. Now she’s fighting to rebuild
her life.
Detective Sapphire Hatcher was sold to human traffickers
when she was sixteen. She was lucky. She was rescued, and now she has dedicated
her life to saving others. When a criminal psychiatrist is brought in to
work alongside her, she tries to ignore the way he makes
her feel, but he won’t let her.
Gideon Barlow travels the country working with police
departments on the most depraved of cases. When he meets Sapphire, the
attraction is instantaneous, but if he can’t help her realize that
there is more to life than her job, she might end up losing not just her chance
at happiness but her life as well.


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Releasing April 6
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Author Bio
Jane has loved reading and writing since she can remember.
She writes dark and disturbing crime/mystery/suspense with some romance thrown
in because, well, who doesn’t love romance?! She has several series including
the complete Detective Parker Bell series, the Count to Ten series, the
Christmas Romantic Suspense series, and the Flashes of Fate series of
When she’s not writing Jane loves to read, bake, go to the beach, ski, horse
ride, and watch Disney movies. She has a black belt in Taekwondo, a 200+
collection of teddy bears, and her favorite color is pink. She has the world’s
two most sweet and pretty Dalmatians, Ivory and Pearl. Oh, and she also enjoys
spending time with family and friends!

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