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4 Star Read!

Revenge tastes sweet and Amelia is ready to get hers…or is she? The blurb caught my eye and had me realizing I needed to know more! So during my isolation, I thought I can get through some of my TBR a little more quickly. Well folks, I finished this read and I was sad when we hit the end. I could have gone on and on with this book world.

Amelia and Ryker grew on me. It was a little bit of slow burn and I was not sure if these two would either be together or finally be apart. That bit of tug-a-war was a little frustrating..but that was the only irk I had. The rest was great! The story line and the characters. I was excited to see how the story was going to end and was not disappointed!!!


His Little Pyro

Series: A Forbidden Love Affair: Book Two

Author: V. Kelly

Release Date: March 27, 2020

Genre: Erotic Taboo Romance: Revenge Daddy Book




I’m walking a thin line between revenge and insanity here.

I gave my boyfriend the last three years of my life, only to find out that he’s been banging my best friend Haysleigh behind my back for at least two of them.

I’m mad at him.

I’m furious with her.

Men will come and go, but best friends are supposed to be forever. Haysleigh crossed a line I would never cross, and now that she has, it’s time to even the score.

I have to get my revenge.

But, there’s only one thing that I know of that will hurt Haysleigh as much as she hurt me . . . I need to seduce the only man in her life that she has ever really loved. It’s the man that I’ve been obsessed with since I started realizing boys were a thing. The man I fantasized about taking my virginity, even though I knew he couldn’t. The man who has always been off limits but has always held a special place in my heart. The man who I have feelings for that I can no longer ignore.

He’s sexy.

He’s a firefighter.

He’s also her dad . . .

That’s right, I’m gonna seduce my best friend’s dad.

My only problem . . . I’m going to have to start a fire to do it.




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First Impressions



Kelly grew up in Reno, Nevada. She now lives in Oklahoma where her family takes up most of her time. She writes to take a break from all the insanity in the world so she can create new worlds of her own.

Kelly has always had the writing bug, but it wasn’t until July 2015, that her dream of becoming a published author finally came true. As a writer of contemporary romance, romantic comedies, and everything in between, V. Kelly’s main focus is to make people laugh, but she also loves to play with people’s heart strings and emotions. She doesn’t pigeonhole herself to one genre so you can never expect what V. Kelly book will come out next.

Kelly readers have been known to laugh hysterically while reading in public, wake up partners out of a dead sleep with uncontrolled bursts of giggles, and shed emotional tears.
If you love to laugh, smile, and connect with characters, then a V. Kelly book is exactly what you need for your next book obsession.



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