Our world is a little broken, but together we can overcome this…..

Hey Blogger/Reader Friends,

How are you all holding up at this day in age?   Well its day 9 that I have been working from home.  We just got word today that our schools are closed for the rest of the year. I live in the U.S. and my state just got hit with the COVID-19 and we are close to 200 people infected.  I know it is so much worst in NY, WA, and LA. Its terrifying to be honest but we are doing what we can…Staying home to keep ourselves and others safe.  If its possible, please stay home and stay safe.


For all the ones that are on the front line, THANK YOU for your services. I wake up and say a prayer for you and your families.  My momma works for the mail delivery and I pray she stays safe. Believe me, I get it.


Some Positive Thoughts:

I try to stay positive and being home with my boys… well lets say Social Media has so much memes, they have me laugh out loud. It feels so good to laugh. Here are a couple of my favorites….

When the Pandemic started and toilet paper became scarce….


First week staying home with the kids:





By now I may have a drinking problem ….


*The above memes are not owned by Crystal’s Book World blog. These are memes that have been shared from Facebook*


As the world is trying to get through this, just know friends that I am with you. Dance like no one is watching, sing your heart out to your favorite song, read a good book, and hold your family close to your heart.  There is a lot of free resources out there for education, audio books, health, stress relievers, and music. Just google and see what is available for you. Some companies are even providing some of their premium features for free.

If you have reached the bottom of this post, please check in and let me know how you are doing. You are not alone. I have anxiety and it is very hard to contain. So today, I shut off the news. I danced with my boys and hugged my husband a bit tighter.  Stay Safe! Wash your hands and do not touch your face. These are scary times, but we can do this!

XOXO, Crystal

2 thoughts on “Our world is a little broken, but together we can overcome this…..”

  1. Awesome post, Crystal! I’m also at home with two of my three boys and I just gotta say that first meme about the toilet paper? That is me every freaking time I sit on the toilet, LOL!!!😜 I hope that you and your family are doing well, my friend! Stay safe and healthy! Xoxox

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