★NOW AVAILABLE★ Pure Abandon by Jeannine Colette! @jeanninecolette @wordsmithpublic

PURE ABANDON is LIVE and waiting for you!!! This is the anniversary edition, featuring a brand new stunning cover and bonus content! Don’t forget to one-click yours!


Amazon US —> https://amzn.to/3fp7Sqg
Amazon UK —> https://amzn.to/38Rp6Ku
Amazon AU —> https://amzn.to/2Dvh1iX
Amazon CA —> https://amzn.to/2OlxubF


🌹Love Triangle
🌹Dynamic Heroine
🌹Arrogant CEO
🌹Office Romance
🌹NYC Setting


Temptation comes in many forms. For me, it was in the soul-searing golden eyes of a magnanimous CEO.

It all started when I decided to go back to work. After putting my career on hold, I told my husband I wanted to reclaim the woman I once was. My intentions were pure, and my heart belonged to my husband.

Then, I met him.

Alexander Asher is arrogant. Rude and dismissive, he got under my skin. I absolutely hated working for the Manhattan playboy and heir to his family’s fortune. Then, a misunderstanding led to friendship, the friendship became fierce, and soon I found myself questioning Asher’s motives … and my own.

I shouldn’t feel this way.
I fought the temptation until ahat’s happened?



Pure Abandon is a STANDALONE novel in the Abandon Collection, and a USA Today Smashwords Hitlist Bestseller!
The Abandon Collection is a series of standalone novels featuring dynamic heroines who have to abandon their reality in order to discover themselves . . . and love along the way. Each book features a new couple, an exciting city, and a rose of a different color.
You can connect with Jeannine here: http://jeanninecolette.com/

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