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 5 Stars!!

Okay give me a road map because I need to be in Bliss River stat! Nick is my new favorite in this town and I fell for Melody. You can feel the insta connection with these two and I may have swooned a bit. Virgin Seeks Bad Boy has been is book three in the Bliss River series and each hero will make your heart skip a beat! The leading ladies made me laugh and smile so much. There is a bit of drama thrown in the mix, but makes the series so good!

Friends! Get Lili Valente’s Virgin Seeks Bad Boy ASAP! Perfect for a weekend read!


This is all his fault. Him, Nick Geary, the bad boy who kissed me senseless against his car a month ago, awakening the sleeping sex beast inside me, only to treat me like a little sister ever since.

Before Nick and I locked lips, I had no idea I could feel hungry for someone’s kisses.

I would give up cupcakes for life for a chance to have Nick be my first, but he’s got one rule–No V-Cards.

But he has to feel the same pull I feel, he just has to–the kiss we shared was hot enough to set fire to a glass of sweet tea.
All I have to do is figure out a way to change his mind…

Nick’s the one who brought this wild, new curiosity inside me to life, and I’ll be darned if I’ll give up on my bad boy before I find out if our second kiss is as hot as our first.

And if we happen to fall madly in love along the way, well…stranger things have happened. Right?

Virgin Seeks Bad Boy is a “losing it” romance previously published as Wild For You. It has been heavily revised and expanded for this new edition.

Author Bio:

Author of over forty novels, USA Today Bestseller Lili Valente writes everything from steamy suspense to laugh-out-loud romantic comedies. A die-hard romantic and optimist at heart, she can’t resist a story where love wins big. Because love should always win.

When she’s not writing, Lili enjoys adventuring with her two sons, climbing on rocks, swimming too far from shore, and asking “why” an incorrigible number of times per day. A former yoga teacher, actor, and dancer, she is also very bendy and good at pretending innocence when caught investigating off-limits places.

You can currently find Lili in the mid-South, valiantly trying to resist the lure of all the places left to explore.

Lili also writes super naughty books as L. Valente.

Connect with Lili:

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