Broken Kingdom Blog Tour & Review!!!!


 5 Star Read!!!!

And it all falls into place! I would like to retract my previous review with Wicked Princess and grovel at Ashley Jade’s feet. Okay my review was not horrendous, but I was left at a loss for words. I couldn’t understand what was happening in the previous book and where Oakley fitted in.


I didn’t see this coming by a long shot. Broken Kingdom was painful and heart wrenching. All the dark emotions threaten to consume you and then … BAM you are in their world. This time, Oakley is back and he is here to stay!

Bianca has her fierceness as we go along with her on a journey that slowly puts the jagged puzzle pieces back into place. I jumped in with eyes wide opened and I could not get enough what was happening. The turn of events just made my head spin and my jaw dropping. Folks, this book has something big in it that you need to be a part of!!

Broken Kingdom chewed me up and spit me out! Seriously, you will need to hang on for a ride of your life. This story is perfection with all the imperfections of our beloved characters. Bianca is back and she will throat punch her way to find her own truth! Oakley …. he never did it for me as a side character, but dayum!!! He has my adrenaline running high! I fell for Jace and Dylan, I fell for Cole and Sawyer, but I fell in love with Bianca and Oakley. This is how it is done! I highly recommend this book and series! Ashley Jade is the queen of Royal Hearts Academy!!



BROKEN KINGDOM (Royal Hearts Academy #4) by Ashley Jade

Release Date: October 8th

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Wicked Princess is book 1 of Bianca’s journey. Her journey (and the entire series) concludes with Broken Kingdom.

Welcome to their kingdom.


Catch up with the first book, Cruel Prince #1, right here:



Ruthless Knight, Book #2



Welcome to their broken kingdom.

They say you’re happy now.

That you can’t remember anything from your past and it’s for the best.

They told me if I cared about you I’d stay far away and leave you alone for good.

Because you’re getting married to a man you love.

Only problem is…

you loved me first.


About the Author:

Ashley Jade loves to tackle different genres and tropes within romance. Her first loves are New Adult Romance and Romantic Suspense, but she also writes everything in between including:  contemporary romance, erotica, and dark romance.

Her characters are flawed and complex, and chances are you will hate them before you fall head over heels in love with them.

She’s a die-hard lover of oxford commas, em dashes, music, coffee, and anything thought provoking…except for math.

Books make her heart beat faster and writing makes her soul come alive. She’s always read books growing up and scribbled stories in her journal, and after having a strange dream one night; she decided to just go for it and publish her first series.

It was the best decision she ever made.

If she’s not paying off student loan debt, working, or writing a novel—you can usually find her listening to music, hanging out with her readers online, and pondering the meaning of life.

Check out her amazon page and Facebook page for future novels.

She recently became hip and joined Twitter, so you can find her there, too.

She loves connecting with her readers—they make her world go round’.


Connect w/Ashley:








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