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May your life be filled with ROMANCE with Author Jeannette Wint

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Four college friends have made their fortunes, but stand alone at the top of their empires.  With nothing to lose, the bets are placed on which one will be the last man standing.

Betting On You Collection

Box Set

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3iapAyz

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Betting-You-Collection-Jeannette-Winter-ebook/dp/B07W15F2TR

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Betting-You-Collection-Jeannette-Winter-ebook/dp/B07W15F2TR

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B07W15F2TR

Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/336BgOr

Reading order as follows

The Billionaire’s Secret

The Billionaire’s Masquerade

The Billionaire’s Longshot

The Billionaire’s Jackpot

All Bets Off

A Rose For The Billionaire

The Billionaires Treat Novella

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Barrington Billionaires Series

The Henderson’s and the Barrington’s have been friends their entire life. Take a trip with them as they build their lives, one love story at a time.

Box Set books 1-5

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3kR5VoU

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Barrington-Billionaires-Collection-Books-1-5-ebook/dp/B087JZVXZQ

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Barrington-Billionaires-Collection-Books-1-5-ebook/dp/B087JZVXZQ

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B087JZVXZQ

Box Set books 6-10

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3i7MwOD

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Barrington-Billionaires-Collection-Books-6-10-ebook/dp/B0886FZLTR

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Barrington-Billionaires-Collection-Books-6-10-ebook/dp/B0886FZLTR

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Barrington-Billionaires-Collection-Books-6-10-ebook/dp/B0886FZLTR

Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/36cScVj

Reading order as follows

One White Lie

Table for Two

You and Me Make Three

Virgin For The Fourth Time

His For Five Nights

New Beginning Holiday Novella Book 5.5

After Six

Seven Guilty Pleasures

At the Sight of Holly 7.5

Winter Novella

Eight Reasons Why

Nine Rules of Engagement

Ten Broken Promises

Pre – order 11/11/20

Eleven Days in Paradise

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3n6wnwX

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Eleven-Days-Paradise-Barrington-Billionaires-ebook/dp/B08C5KDB3G

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Eleven-Days-Paradise-Barrington-Billionaires-ebook/dp/B08C5KDB3G

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Eleven-Days-Paradise-Barrington-Billionaires-ebook/dp/B08C5KDB3G

Mine for Twelve Weeks pre-order 4/1/21

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3j9bL4I

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08HSGX75S

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08HSGX75S

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B08HSGX75S

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Southern Desires Collection

The Collins family may be from the North, but they are filled with Southern Desires!  Enjoy some spicy intrigue!

Box Set Books 1 – 3

Amazon US https://amzn.to/2GrBbMc

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/Southern-Desires-Collect-Books-1-3-ebook/dp/B0897YCZYW

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Southern-Desires-Collect-Books-1-3-ebook/dp/B0897YCZYW

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Southern-Desires-Collect-Books-1-3-ebook/dp/B0897YCZYW

Box Set Books 4-7

Amazon US https://amzn.to/3jjozWh

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0897Y19HJ

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Southern-Desires-Collection-Books-4-7-ebook/dp/B0897Y19HJ

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Southern-Desires-Collection-Books-4-7-ebook/dp/B0897Y19HJ

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Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/34breLj

Reading order as follows

Southern Spice

Southern Exposure

Southern Delight

Southern Regions

Southern Charm

Southern Sass

Southern Hearts Novella

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Looking for a new Romantic Intrigue? Then you will love the Turchetta’s. When things get difficult and you need someone to think outside the box, even the richest families turn to them.  You met them in both the Betting On You Series as well as Barrington Billionaires Series. Now it time for an up close look in their lives.

Turchetta’s Promise Series

Box Set 1-3

Amazon US https://amzn.to/36odLma

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089B68FWT/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i68

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Turchettas-Promise-Collection-Books-Book-ebook/dp/B089B68FWT

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Turchettas-Promise-Collection-Books-Book-ebook/dp/B089B68FWT

Box Set 4-7

Amazon US https://amzn.to/2SbpwUC

Amazon UK https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089B5XBQP/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i39

Amazon AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Turchettas-Promise-Collection-Books-Book-ebook/dp/B089B5XBQP

Amazon CA https://www.amazon.ca/Turchettas-Promise-Collection-Books-Book-ebook/dp/B089B5XBQP

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Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/3jik0eE

Reading order as follows

For Honor

For Hope

For Justice

For Truth

For Passion

For Love

For Keeps

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If you had to choose between money and true love, what would it be? Enjoy the journey as the Lawson men face this battle. It’s not as cut and dry as you’d think. Life is full of challenges, and sometimes money can’t fix them, not even with a blank check.

I hope you enjoy this series and have fun with catching up with the character’s from my Barrington Billionaire’s series as you learn learn the connection between these two powerful families..

The Blank Check Series

Amazon https://amzn.to/2HGKRmF

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Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/2HGKRmF

Reading order as follows

The Billionaire’s Rival

The Billionaire’s Charade

The Billionaire’s Scandal

Unwrapped And Unraveled Holiday Novella

The Billionaire’s Regret

The Billionaire’s Deception

The Billionaire’s Revenge

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Tradition is buried deep in their lineage. Although the family business has changed over the years, their main focus hasn’t. Money and success is everything. Just because their last name is Heart, doesn’t mean they have one when making shrewd business deals. Marriage is just another business decision because love and emotions can topple their empire. But these women don’t scare easily, and the connection is impossible to ignore.


The Reluctant Heart Series

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Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

Amazon https://amzn.to/36l4UBp

Reading order as follows

Don’t Break

Just Trust

Don’t Hesitate Pre-order 12/28

Amazon https://amzn.to/2ShlSbU

Just Feel coming 2021

Don’t Quit coming 2021

Just Believe coming 2021

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Check out these other titles. Each story available to download with KindleUnlimited

When Sparks Fly Series


Amazon https://amzn.to/3ifqqd7

Box Set 1-3

Drive Me Wild

Plug Me In

Turn Me On

Bachelor Tower Series

Uncontrollable Bachelor, Bachelor Tower World


Muse And Mayhem Series

Romance authors can write a HEA, but finding it themselves, comes with a lot of bumps along the way.

Amazon https://amzn.to/36m0A4V

The Write Appeal, Book One

The Write Bride, Book Two

The Write Connection coming 2021

About Jeannette Winters

Jeannette grew up in a large family, number ten out of eleven children, eight of them being older brothers. She quickly developed a great sense of humor, mostly from necessity. One of her greatest joys is sitting on the porch where they were all raised and hearing the stories from years gone by. Quietly laughing to herself, she notices how they embellish the stories more and more each year.

Storytelling was passed down from her grandfather and mother. Jeannette caught the bug at a very young age. If she didn’t have her head in a book, then she was off somewhere with a notebook, jotting down stories of what she would write if one day she became an author. Although the notebook may have vanished, the stories are still vivid and waiting for the right time to be told.

Despite having an amazing family, there have also been some sorrows in her life, including the loss of loved ones. Over the years, Jeannette has spent countless hours volunteering for different organizations and acting as a caregiver to those dearest to her. As a result, supporting the elderly became of utmost importance.

As she approached a milestone birthday in 2015, she decided to take her passion for writing and blend it with her desire to continue to help others. As she writes her stories, she hopes they touch someone’s life. Within the layers of the romance, the foundation remains throughout and is one that is dear to her; make a difference in someone’s life each day!

In 2016 she met someone who encouraged her to push herself even further and try her hand at spicy intrigue. One year later she has four books in this new series and each one pushing her limits just a bit further.

Like the wind, Jeannette’s life changed directions several times over the years, yet one constant remains: her desire to leave this Earth a little better than when she entered it as she tries to live by these words, Make your mark on the world today as your acts of kindness is all anyone will remember in years to come!

Visit her at www.jeannettewinters.com to sign up for her newsletter

Connect with Jeannette



Website http://www.jeannettewinters.com/

Twitter https://twitter.com/JWintersAuthor

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