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4 Star Review!

What a story! Especially around the holidays. It’s Gonna Be Everything warmed up my heart. I really came to enjoy the characters and my heart went out to Amber, Noah, and Taylor. You want to wrap Taylor in bubble wrap and give him all the love he can handle. Noah and Amber feel like there is no life outside in the world for them. I love how the story shifts and these two start to find home.

It’s Gonna Be Everything was what I needed to start this Holiday week right! It’s Christmas for the heart and soul! I enjoyed this story whole heartily ❤ #BookRec2020

About the Book


It started with a deal…

Amber Stone should be happy—it’s Christmastime in New York, her café had a successful opening, she’s finally free of her abusive ex-fiancé. But she can’t help the loneliness that comes with seeing her friends in loving couples. Worse, she’s lost her teaching job, which will upset her favorite student, Tyler.

Tyler’s father, Noah Quinn, is worried what the change in routine will do to his autistic son. He’s known Amber for years, but they’ve never really been friends, so he can’t just ask her to spend time with Tyler outside of school. Can he? Maybe if he offers her something in return, like his expertise from years of owning a bar, to help her dive back into the dating pool.

With her confidence shaken by her ex, Amber has nothing to lose. Plus, she’ll get to hang out with a fun kid—and his sexy as hell dad. As their lessons heat up, Amber isn’t so sure dating is necessary anymore. But Tyler is Noah’s entire world, and he can’t give a woman like Amber what she needs…what she wants…what she deserves…

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