Hot New Book Alert!!!!!

It’s Always Been You by Mia Marks and Daisy Dale

Releasing January 14th

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Blurb –

Sarah is looking for something new. Something that will pull her out of the predictable, boring, mundane life she’s living. She’s drawn to the only place she’s ever been able to find any peace, Oakland Resort.

Hypnotic intense eyes, perfectly sculpted body, and a wicked smile across the bar seem like the perfect distraction. If rumor is true, he’s a playboy with no moral compass. Just what she’s looking for.

This seductive stranger turns out to be no stranger at all – it’s her brother’s best friend. One she hasn’t seen in years. The attraction is sizzling, the pull is undeniable, and the feelings incomprehensible.

Is it possible to overcome all odds and give in to what’s always been there?

Daisy Dale’s Author Page –

Mia Mark’s Author Page –

Mia and Daisy’s Book Crazies Group –

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