Burning for You: A Steamy NYC Firefighter Romance by Kaye Kennedy is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“Holy heat! …All the books in Kaye’s Burning for the Bravest series are amazing but this book took it to the next level.” – Goodreads reviewer

“Best one yet! Every time I read a Kaye Kennedy novel, I’m absolutely blown away by how much heat, steam, love, sex, pain, heartache, friendship, teasing, brotherhood, and reality can put into a book… Be prepared to be utterly knocked on your ass in the absolute best of ways!” – Goodreads reviewer


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Sometimes, first love is better the second time around.

I was four when I met Allie Dupree.
Ten when I stopped thinking she had cooties.
Fourteen when I realized I was in love with her.
And eighteen when I finally told her.

Then I never saw her again. I also never forgot her. And my heart never let her go.

Sixteen years after she’d disappeared without a word, she’s back and there’s no way in hell I’m letting her get away again. Especially because there are still burning embers of what we had. And, at the very least, I think I deserve some answers.

Returning to New York had never been a part of my plan. But having to watch my ex-husband move on with his pregnant fiancée before the ink had even dried on our divorce papers had made staying in Michigan impossible.

The odds of running into Kyle Hogan in Manhattan were one in three-million. But sure enough, my first month back, I came face-to-face with the one person I’d never wanted to see again.

What had happened sixteen years ago had ruined my life, and Kyle can never find out that secret. I won’t let it destroy him, too.

Will their old flame be enough or will it come back to burn them? Again.


#1 Burning for More
#2 Burning for This
#3 Burning for Her
#4 Burning for Fate


#6 Burning for Love

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