UNPLUGGED, the steamy, addictive, and emotional duet from Sigal Ehrlich, is now available in a box set! Get your copy of this forbidden rockstar romance today!

About Unplugged:


When Ivi boards a plane for L.A. to take a temporary nanny job, she tells herself it’s just a short diversion. Just a few months watching some celebrity’s kid, a short stop before her journey to follow her dream. Little does she know, it would bring on such a shift in the balance of her world. Would bring… Him. Bring…

Them Both. Into her life. Tyler Lee Adams, a rock n’ roll legend, is used to getting what he wants, whenever he wants it. Including women. Living a celebrity life few dream of, he’s never known a desire that can’t be fulfilled. But sometimes, even rock stars can’t have it all. He soon discovers fortune and fame can’t solve all matters of the heart when the universe brings… Her.

Brings… Them. Both. Into his life.


As Ivi boards a plane to L.A. to return to her rock star boyfriend Tyler Lee Adams, she’s filled with anticipation…and hesitation. Their unexpected romance leaves her breathless…but is it too good to be true?

Can a rock n’ roll legend and a small-town girl make it work for the long haul? Tyler Lee Adams’s world has been transformed since Ivi came into his life. The many months spent on the road, the numerous parties, the countless women – they’re all in his rear view mirror. Learning to be a parent and maintaining a monogamous relationship is all that matters now. But when Tyler’s fame threatens their bliss and Ivi’s longing for home pulls her away, will love be enough for their relationship to survive?

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About the Author

Sigal Ehrlich is a bestselling author of refreshing, fun, and sweet romance books. She loves books, cold weather, and the occasional bubbly drink. Living as an expat for most of her life, Sigal has been lucky enough to visit many exotic places and meet some unique people from all corners of the world, while experiencing the sweet triumphs and travails of trying to acclimate to new “homes.” Currently, Sigal calls the Czech Republic home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

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