Something Like Hate Blog Review!


5 Star Read!!!

Something Like Hate has me in a daze! I can’t get over this story and have been on a book hangover for days!! I can’t get myself to pick up a new book because I have Landon and Vannah’s story in my head. It was a story that grips you and hardly lets you go. I was so invested in these characters, I truly fell for them!

“She’s determined to put me under her spell. I’ll allow her to believe she has it in this instance. This woman us taking what she wants, and I’m happy to assist in the downward spiral.” ~ Landon

The self proclaim redemption has you  wondering just how will Landon and Vannah work?  Harloe has brought in a new game with the enemies to lovers trope. That chemistry builds and the intensity has you holding your breath! I finished this book in hours, had to take days to reflect, and really take the time to think on how many ways to sing my praises for Something Like Hate. I can’t recommend this hot read enough! You will fall for Landon and Vannah. #2021BookRec


Something Like Hate arrives in 8 DAYS!


Get ready for:

– A broody alpha who has no interest playing the hero

– A feisty redhead full of sass and wit

– Revenge schemes

– Failed attempts at schmoozing

– Snarky banter

– SUPER steamy scenes

– Fiery tension blended with undeniable chemistry

– Meddling friends

– Cameo from a past favorite

– Office shenanigans

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A sizzling enemies-to-lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Harloe Rae where a billionaire CEO battles against a snarky redhead who has her own agenda.

“I’d say it’s nice to meet you, but I’ve never been a good liar.”
That’s his initial offense against me.
Don’t worry—there’s plenty more where that came from.

Landon Winters is colder than his last name suggests.
Cruel and callous too.
I’m certain he finds pleasure in making others miserable.

He’s a billionaire by his own making—not satisfied with simply inheriting a white collar and silver spoon.
Landon’s arrogance is so thick I could choke on the stench alone.
He’s also responsible for gouging a jaded chip into my shoulder.

The only saving grace is never having to see him again.
Wishful thinking is a fickle beast.

My boss just announced that Landon is my latest client.
I’ll need to impress him or kiss my promotion goodbye.
Either way, this is my chance to get even.

Revenge is all I see.
The price for redemption is steep.
Landon will pay a small fortune in humiliation.
And I’ll walk away filthy rich in vindication.


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