Mafia Queen is LIVE!! Blog Review Included.


5 Star Review!

OMF*G!!! Mafia Queen exceeded my expectations. It really blew me away. I loved how I got so absorbed into this trilogy that the world felt to fade away. I got lost in this mafia thriller! I really had no idea how this story would turn and how Violetta shows everyone who is rightfully the Mafia Queen!

This story was the closing we needed. I was left on a high and on the edge from book one and two and this one just brings it all home. My hat tips to Violetta. This is her time to shine and wow does she sure know how to fit in this dark dark world. The blood, the tears, the heartache, the vengeance, and all the retribution. Mafia Queen is jaw dropping and makes you cheer Violeta. C.D. Reiss did an amazing job to bring us to this world that I never knew I needed! I love Santino and he still plays a huge roll, but now, its time for Violetta to shine in the dark world.

Not only this book, but this trilogy is a MUST READ!! I read books 1-2 right before jumping into Mafia Queen and it all falls together! Ready or not, here she comes!


MAFIA QUEEN (The DiLustro Arrangement #3) by CD Reiss

Release Date: October 12th

Genre/Trope: Arranged Marriage/Mafia Romance

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MAFIA QUEEN from New York Times bestselling author CD Reiss is now available!

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What doesn’t kill you makes you a killer. Santino DiLustro changed me. You can’t spend time in bed with the devil without getting addicted to the heat. Before him, I was a girl. Innocent and weak. Now, I’m a woman. A fighter. A killer. I’ll burn the world down for him. Shatter the sky. But I will not break. No. I will rise up and destroy whoever dares to threaten what my king has built, because I am forever his queen.

About the Author:

CD Reiss has a long history of aimlessly moving from place to place. She finally settled in Los Angeles where she earned a master’s degree in cinematic writing from USC. After graduation, she ultimately failed to have one line of dialog put on film, but stayed in Hollywood out of spite. Since screenwriting was going nowhere, she switched to novels. Soon after, luck arrived with a complete set of baggage. She now has over two dozen titles under her belt. Two of those are NY Times Bestsellers and a handful more are USA Today bestsellers. Her audiobooks have won APA Audie Awards and Earphones Awards, swelling her ego to an inhuman size. She lives with her family, two cats and her long-suffering husband in a small Hollywood house that’s been outfitted with huge, ego-sized doorways.

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