Blog Review and New Book Alert!! Maverick Mogul is Available Now!!

Title: Maverick Mogul
Series: Billionaire Bachelors Club #1
Author: Lila Monroe
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: January 24, 2022
The Billionaire Bachelors are BACK! Fall for a new trope-tactic, fake dating rom-com series from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!
Playboy bachelor Charlie Fox is handsome, charming — and looking for a date to the TWELVE weddings he’s attending this month. He’s topping the city’s ‘Most Eligible’ lists, but he needs a woman who won’t swoon at his feet — or go diving to catch that bouquet. A fake girlfriend is the perfect solution, he’s just not expecting a very familiar face to show up as his plus-one…
The last time I saw Charlie, he was playing Mr Popular at our high-school… while I was stuck being Miss Invisible. Now — thanks to a rogue Chihuahua, my frat-bro boss, and a gallon of gluten-free frosting — he’s making me an offer I really should refuse. Play his fake girlfriend for a summer of wild weddings?
It’ll be worth it, as long as we can keep our hands to ourselves.
And our mouths.
And… other parts, too.
As the wedding marathon gets underway, the sparks between us are anything but fake – and breaking the rules has never been so fun. Can ‘just for now’ turn into ‘forever’? Find out in the sizzling, hilarious new romance from “the reigning queen of romantic comedy” Lila Monroe!

5 Star Review!!

Yes, yes, and yes please and thank you!! Oh my goodness.. I miss Lila Monroe’s books. I am so excited that she is back! I missed her stories and beloved characters that come out of her head. It was amazing! Maverick Mogul is a great way to start a brand new series! I cackled! CACKLED!! I was just a ball of joy reading this story.

Grace and Charlie were a dream. Yes there was a little bit of drama. Because the story needed it lol. But I love how it all plays out. Maverick Mogul was exactly what I needed to pull me out of the darkness! #2022BookRec


Billionaire Bachelors Club:

1. Maverick Mogul

2. Renegade Roomie (April)

3. Baller Boss (July)

4. One-Week Wingman (Oct)

Releasing April 25
Releasing July 25
Combining her love of writing, sex and well-fitted suits, Lila Monroe wrote The Billionaire Bargain. Lila enjoys writing, as it gives her a flexible schedule to spend time with her kids and a wonderful excuse to avoid them. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, who strips out of his well-fitted suits nightly.

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