~Blog Review~ New Release from Lisa Renee Jones: Lucifer’s Sin is LIVE!


Walker Security returns with LUKE aka Lucifer for his wild side. Love. Hate. Lust. They can’t keep their hands off each other…He loved her. He lost her. Now someone wants to kill her. But that someone is about to find out why LUKE is nicknamed Lucifer…


GET YOUR COPY OF LUCIFER’S SINAmazon: http://mybook.to/Lucifer_1Apple: https://apple.co/3GJYM5JNook: https://bit.ly/3EE2hZAKobo: https://bit.ly/3mD6M0lGoogle: https://bit.ly/3EEbnoXPrint: http://mybook.to/Lucifer_1PBSpecial Edition HardbackAmazon: http://mybook.to/LS_HardbackSigned Edition: https://bit.ly/3ItrirR


5 star Read!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! LRJ has got me hooked on another trilogy!! Lucifer’s Sin has the past and the present. You will not want to stop reading and I kept saying late into the night, Just One More Chapter! After every chapter I was starved for more!

I love trilogies, but I do get antsy when I have to wait for the “Next Book” lol. That is the rush I live for. Lucifer’s Sin is sultry and will have you in a rush of emotions. I did not expect the story to turn out the way it did and I feakin’ loved every page of it. You won’t regret reading this book! That ending will have you in a daze…



Luke is already right beside me. He catches me to him and turns me, my body folded against his big, powerful one, and before I know his intent, he’s tangled fingers in my hair. “In case I don’t get out of here alive and you do,” he says, and then his mouth is slanting over my mouth.I moan with the familiar, long-lost taste of him on my lips. I don’t mean to, I really don’t, but when his tongue finds my tongue, and sensations burn through me, I am his again. I am living a million delicious moments with this man.

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