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5 Star Read!!

I have been so waiting to read Alex’s story. I am so glad it is here! The NeXt series have been a tons of fun. I love revisiting some beloved characters and fell hard for Alex.

Kat seems to be in a dead end job with a passion that she can flourish with. So an opportunity of a life time comes up and this can be a game changer for her. Alex meets Kat and come to find out they will be spending plenty of time together.

Sensuous is a great start for Alex and Kat’s story. It end right when you think you know how it will play out and then it doesn’t. I loved the back and forth with these two and I need to see if they will make it in the end. A bit of drama unfolded and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next book!

Sensuous EBook

Sensuous by K.M. Scott

Release Date: October 11, 2022

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From New York Times bestselling author K.M. Scott comes an enemies to lovers romance that shows how thin the line between love and hate truly is.

Alex March is all about having a good time. He loves being single. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and he intends on squeezing as much fun out of this world as he can.

He’s living the dream as the head chef at CK, the best restaurant in Tampa, so when he’s offered the chance to be on the new cooking reality show Chef on Chef, he figures why not take the chance.

It could be fun.

Kat Truesdale hates Alex from the moment she sees him walk on the set. He’s everything she loathes in men. Arrogant, overconfident, and far too good looking, he’s one of the golden boys of this world.

The reality show is a competition for a million-dollar prize, and she intends on walking away the winner. Alex may think he’s got this in the bag, but not if Kat has anything to say about it.

Let the games begin!

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