This Woman by Jodi Ellen Malpas is finally here!! The Lord of the Manor is back with a Vengance that is for sure!!

This Woman by Jodi Ellen Malpas is now live!

Jesse Ward has stumbled through life drinking and indulging himself within the rooms of his high-class sex club, The Manor, numbing himself to the pain, grief, and guilt of his wrongs. Pleasure and alcohol are his medicine. Hedonism is all he knows. It’s how he copes. How he survives. Until Ava O’Shea strolls into his office and knocks him back with her breathtaking beauty, ambition, and drive. It only takes one look into her eyes, one touch of her skin, and one word murmured, before his heart is kick-started, offering him something he never thought possible. A distraction from his daily torment. A semblance of peace. Women never reject Jesse Ward. They fall at his feet, melt from his charismatic, devious smile, and obey his every salacious command. All except the one woman who unwittingly becomes his obsession and the only thing that can keep him from the brink of self-destruction. He needs Ava and will do anything to have her. Even hide every last skeleton in his large closet. Because the truth could destroy them both.


5 Stars Read!!

When I first heard that JEM was bring us This Woman in Jesse’s POV of This Man…I could not stop jumping for joy!! I mean we knew that he was a hot mess from This Man, but This Woman took it to a whole new level! This Woman is a whole new story! JEM will bring now give you the blind spots we had before. It was 10 times more than I could have imagined. Our Lord of the Manor is so damaged and you are wrapped up and held captive inside his mind and soul. You come to understand this man and his desperation. The backstory, the current story, and the future are all tied in perfectly, I cannot believe how it blends in so perfectly. I still love Ava, but her story was already told. Jesse has taken the control and now has commandered our hearts ten times fold. I tried to stay reading this story at a steady pace, but as I delved deeper into each chapter, I needed more! I can’t wait to conitnue on this journey and see what Jesse will bring us in the next two books! I am on cloud nine all over again! #2022BookRec


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Narrated by: Shane East


Meet Jodi

Jodi Ellen Malpas was born and raised in England, where she lives with her husband, boys and Theo the Doberman. She is a self-professed daydreamer, and has a terrible weak spot for alpha males. Writing powerful love stories with addictive characters has become her passionโ€”a passion she now shares with her devoted readers. Sheโ€™s a proud #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, a Sunday Times Bestseller, and her work is published in over twenty-five languages across the world. You can learn more about Jodi & her words at

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