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Life as a Blogger

Welcome to Crystal’s Book World Blog!!

I started this page back in September 2016. When you are having fun time sure flies by. When I started my new journey as a blogger, I thought to myself that this would be an easy job to do. I get to read my favorite books and talk about them. Well was I in for a surprise. Hands down being a blogger has not been an easy task to do. There was so much more. I have to say in the Romance community, I have found a second family. I love to promote book releases, cover reveals, and help authors in any way I can. I get quite a bit of advanced copies for upcoming books and try my best to pay it forward by giving other readers a chance to win a copy of a book I just read. I am 100% responsible for these giveaways and love doing them. I also am included in a few review teams and enjoying the relationships I have built. 

I am a proud wife and mom of two boys. I have a wonderful career that I love and blogging is what I do on the side from my primary work. I have to learn not to take on to many tasks at once, but I am finally finding my balance. My husband supports me 100%. If it was not for him dinner would be late, dishes would be piling alongside with the laundry,  and my boys would be running a muck. He is my supporter from day one and has not complained on the endless hours I have put into my blog. He is the reason I am still going strong.

I love to hear back from other readers/authors/PA’s/promotional teams! Please don’t hesitate to connect with me at anytime. I may not be able to review every book, but I sure would love to help promote it! I have social media sites that are connected to my blog and I will make sure to get the word out. Social Media links are on my homepage, please follow ❤

Thank you for visiting my blog site and if you are following THANK YOU 100 times from the bottom of my heart! XoXo Crystal