LEI’D with Cupcakes Cover Reveal Day!!!


Series: The Cupcakes Series, book 3

Genre: Romantic Comedy/Suspense

Date of release: Mar 27, 2017
Cover by Makeready Designs


Everybody dreams of a Hawaiian Vacation…

They sell you on the drinks with little umbrella’s, dolphin watching, and long walks on the beach. Which probably happens, if you’re that lucky schmuck living out your dream with your destination wedding, but if you’re a fish out of water PI like me, there’s no time for relaxing because trouble is never far behind.

Instead of cocktails, I ended up dealing with the seedy underbelly of The Big Island.
And, I didn’t see one damn dolphin while undercover on a boat which was spilling over with drug dealers, Kingpins, and Pedophiles. 

Elin and Elena think Cade’s family are the coolest people outside of Snapchat, but it’s hard to meet the parents when your boyfriend is in his late thirties and has never had a serious relationship. 

I’d never missed my girls so much in my life, but Amy May, Bea, and Carmen are all dealing with issues of their own, and can’t come to my rescue.

The only thing that may help me with this “vacation” is if I could get Lei’d with Cupcakes. 

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Paperback Bundle with Always Room for Cupcakes and Cupcake Overload



“This is your room?” I asked, even though it was pretty obvious.
“I’m in here with you?” I asked, my eyes darting back out into the hall.
I dropped my bag by the bed and walked up to Cade, lowering my voice to say, “I can’t sleep with you in your parents’ house.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Cade asked as he took out his rubber band and pulled his hair back to secure it again.
“We can’t have sex in your parents’ house.”
Cade turned his face toward me, eyebrows raised.
“Lila, I’m thirty-eight years old, I’m pretty sure they know I fuck.”
My eyes widened and my face went red.
“Don’t talk like that, My God… Just because they assume, doesn’t mean it should happen in their house. It’s rude.”
Cade chuckled and replied, “All right, Darlin’, I’ll keep my hands to myself, in the house, and we’ll see if you can do the same.”


Always Room for Cupcakes (Cupcakes #1)

One day I was be-bopping along jamming to the music in my head while wondering if my thighs could handle grabbing a cupcake on the way home. The next thing I knew, my entire world crashed and burned.

I used to wake up at night in a sweat, crying because I’d dreamt that my husband was cheating on me, or that he hated me, and resented my kids. He’d always hold me close and tell me it was all just a dream, that he loved me and our family and that he’d never let me go.

He was a fucking liar.

Now I spend my days taking photos of scum just like him, trying to be a champion for other’s being taken advantage of by the losers in our town, and my nights being a single mom to my beautiful twins.

I’ve got great friends who have my back, and a sexy, mysterious motorcycle man who keeps showing up when I need him. Maybe things are starting to look up, and one thing’s for sure… There’s always room for cupcakes.

Always Room for Cupcakes (Cupcakes #1)
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Cupcake Overload (Cupcakes #2)

One night I was out with my girls enjoying a much needed ladies night while wondering if one more dirty martini would push me over the edge. The next thing I knew, I was in the club’s bathroom listening to a woman screaming, “No,” and a man’s voice growling, “I know you want it.”

That asshole picked the wrong restroom, in the wrong club, at the wrong time.

Little did I know the asshole was Cade’s VP, and although we saved that woman from his clutches that night, she’d be found floating in a motel pool a month later.

Running a PI firm is a lot harder than taking pictures for one, especially when your professional life spills over into your personal one. I’m going through cupcakes like our new puppy goes through piddle pads, and if I’m not careful there’s bound to be a Cupcake Overload.
Cupcake Overload (Cupcakes #2)
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Author Bio:

Award-Winning Author Bethany Lopez began self-publishing in June 2011. She’s a lover of all things romance: books, movies, music, and life, and she incorporates that into the books she writes. When she isn’t reading or writing, she loves spending time with her husband and children, traveling whenever possible. Some of her favorite things are: Kristen Ashley Books, coffee in the morning, and In N Out burgers.


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