Oh My Gosh! Why did I not read Muse way before now? I loved Groupie (Volume 1) and should have known better!! You can read both books for FREE with KU!!


Crystal’s Book World Review:

5 Stars!!! 

How did I become a #groupie to this two book series? I knew when I finished reading Groupie a few months ago, I would fall for Muse. Susan Daugherty is a great author and brings so much life and emotions into her characters. I finally had a chance to read Muse out of my personal TBR list. I hardly get a chance to do that as a blogger. It was so refreshing to start where we left off. Muse leaves you with an everlasting impression and these characters forever are in my heart. I finished this book in less than 24 hours because it was that good! You know that feeling where you are trapped in the world of the story. I still have it! I was smiling like a goon at my Kindle and my family probably thought I was a little crazy. I couldn’t help it and did a snort laugh a time or two and got that side eye glance from my husband. I even was reading some parts to him because I wanted to share this story!

Jack is still my country babe. I love the journey he is taking ever since Lexie came into his life. Lexie still keeps him at arms length. We have a new character in this book that replaces Delilah’s act. His name is Travis and I wanted to poke his eyes out with a fork! I was so mad at him and cussed him out like a sailor. The rest of the band shows us how close they are and more of a family. I loved Jack’s vulnerability and wanted Lexie to open her eyes and see what she has in front of her is real. I was so afraid she would push him away for good.

Muse has a lot of drama and scary moments you feel like you can not breath. You are high and then low on emotions. I loved the ending and wished there was more. This book brings up the heat with the intimacy. I am telling you all, this book whipped out all the emotions and I am sure there were times you saw hearts in my eyes! If I could give this book 10 stars, I would in a heartbeat.




About the Book: 

The fast-paced excitement of the acclaimed romance GROUPIE continues with its sequel.
Sometimes in the midst of heartbreak, a MUSE is born.

The show must go on. Even as country superstar Jack Morgan and his physical therapist, Lexie Travis, nurse their shattered hearts while on tour. Despite her best efforts, she had fallen for the one man she swore she wouldn’t. Their newfound happiness slipped away when one fateful decision led to one rash retaliation.34322057

They continue the tour together in hopes of one day becoming friends again—if they can get over the awkwardness that now consumes each day. Jackson is sure he can win her back at first, but worries she would never be happy in his complicated world.

Each state they travel across brings new challenges and new chances for redemption. The realm of dance and choreography lures Lexie back, as Jack continues to write new songs and make changes to his concerts, inspired by his muse.

The addition of opening act, Travis McCoy, brings a rival for Lexie’s attention. Her fateful decision to go on a date with him may change her reality forever. As Jack tries to find his way back to Lexie—and to keep her away from McCoy—questions continue to surface about his past and the secrets he keeps in his notebook.

Is their promising love enough to conquer the obstacles in their path to achieve the happy ending they deserve?

****MUSE completes the Groupie series (awarded the Readers’ Favorite Five Star Seal) with the ending you’ve all been waiting for!

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I’ll be the first to admit: I may have a little war going on between my right brain and left brain.

My entire life, I loved to read voraciously and write story after story. I won the English Dept scholarship at my high school… then I promptly went into the Sciences at the University of Kentucky. I had fallen in love with physical therapy and I made it my career.

I absolutely love my PT profession and all the years that I have invested in treating patients….but something always nagged in my head that said I should let my creative side loose as well. I needed to get back to WRITING!

I sat down and wrote my novel, Groupie in a six month time frame on a Netbook- I kid you not. That’s a tiny laptop, y’all. It was so long that I wound up with two books and Groupie was a series!

Now, I have the best of both worlds so both sides of my brain are happy.

Aside from those two jobs, I’m raising a husband and two children! Luckily, I thrive on multi-tasking and it all works out in our crazy life.

I love all things Southern, lifelong friendships, date nights, and reading my kids to sleep.