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Reading can give you an escape into a whole new world. You meet different characters and feel that connection with them. If you get a great book, you will have an emotional connection that will stay with you even after you finish that last page. I love helping book lovers as myself know what is out there. I love to help promote authors as they work long sleepless hours to give us that special place. I will always give my honest review. Enjoy and please feel free to share any of my blog posts.

XoXo, Crystal

Review Star Rating System:

5 Stars: I loved it and could not put the book down. The characters were well developed. The author had an amazing story line that gave a “WOW” factor in it. I may even have fallen for the characters as well.  I highly recommend the book as a must read!

4 Stars: I enjoyed the story line. The characters are pretty much developed. There may have been some conflict that was easily solved. I may liked the book, but it may have not had to much WOW factor for me. However, it kept me up reading from beginning to end.

3 Stars: The book was hard to get into from the beginning. I was able to take my time to read the story, but some parts did not keep me interested. The ending may have been to soon, or left it open with conflict. This could leave the story line all over the place.

2 & 1 Star Rating: I will not even post. I will still give author/publisher/PR feedback privately. I may have not even finished the book as it was just not catching my attention. The story line was not going anywhere, and the characters did not make sense.  

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